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VaasaETT is the From the USA to New Zealand to Japan, from utilities and vendors to switching sites, to investment companies, to major corporate acquisitions and even energy commissioners, we have been involved in providing knowledge, insight, calculations and advice in all aspects of customer switching, churn, loyalty and acquisition.

Simply Better Data and Analysis
VaasaETT’s market-level data is almost entirely collected from source, from the local organizations who collect the data in the first place, thanks to VaasaETT’s long history of co-operation with official authorities, regulators and energy companies globally. VaasaETT’s utility level data has been facilitated through its extensive work with individual utilities. VaasaETT does not only collect data however, it also analyses it heavily and conducts extensive research into the marketing, regulations, consumer issues, psychology and behaviour that surrounds, interacts with and determines switching levels and trends. VaasaETT’s status as Europe’s best source of up-to-date retail price data for instance, has allowed it to analyse the relationship between prices and switching/loyalty to a level of detail never before possible in the energy industry.


World Energy Retail Market Switching Analysis and Rankings Report

Full Edition


Get the worlds most comprehensive and in-depth analysis of customer switching dynamics and trends in retail energy utilities (electricity and gas retail) markets globally. Over 100 pages of in-depth analysis of the determinants of switching. The findings are probably not what you would expect.


  • Year-to-end 2012 and 2013 switch rankings, trends and explanations
  • Analysis and graphs of long-term (since liberalisation / market opening) switching trends, patterns, styles, types, similarities and differences in a wide variety of countries and regions.
  • Cross-data-analysis of switching versus a whole host of influential variables ranging from the dynamics of pricing and savings to social media, door-to-door sales, dual fuel, market concentration, new market entrants, switching times, market momentum, marketing timing, seasonality, cyclicality and other issues.
  • Country reviews
  • Retailer market perspectives (written by retailers)
  • Case studies from some of the most successful ‘customer-acquisition’ retailers in the world.
  • And more…


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The Churn Radar


VaasaETT’s churn prediction tool for the prediction of customer switching and loyalty in retail electricity and gas markets is believed to be the most advanced and accurate in the world. Based on a detailed set of questions that relate to a comprehensive categorised and weighted list of determinants of loyalty and switching, it provides the user with a remarkably accurate calibrated scorecard prediction of customer churnChurnRadarMethodology for any given competitive electricity market and can be focused on specific companies, customer segments and scenarios. The Churn Radar was developed through 17 years of research around the world, including VaasaETT’s unique Utility Customer Switching Research Project, research into hundreds of thousands of customers, and collaboration with utilities and experts globally.



Deliverables of the Churn Radar

    1. The Churn radar is believed to be the most advanced, comprehensive and accurate loyalty/switching prediction methodology in the world;
    2. The process of answering the questions contained within the Churn Radar is a powerful means by which a retailer can reflect on its switching/loyalty context. It is also an essential check-list to ensure that the retailer has not forgotten to consider and address any issues that might be affecting or might in the near or medium-term seriously affect its ability to win or keep customers;
    3. Over time, the Churn Radar will build a detailed understanding of and ability for the retailer to predict price savings elasticity; it will show how price/savings elasticity will change as the market situation changes and develops (price/ savings change at one point in time in the market will yield a different outcome to a price/savings change at another point in time;
    4. The above capability facilitates greater optimization of customer profitability through more optimal and cost-effective pricing, marketing, communication and service design
    5. The Churn Radar allows scenario testing, so that retailers can conceptualise the impact of different competitive and market scenarios
    6. Through its benchmarking, the Churn Radar identifies other markets that are most similar to the retailer’s own market, markets that can provide additional insight into the future that the retailer may experience under different courses of action
    7. The Churn Radar provides an excellent high-level strategic viewpoint on the Customer Lifetime Value of the entire customer base, in the current, near and longer term future.

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